Two boys were running in Walt’s dorm & one hit a table corner and required stitches. As Walt says, “There is never a dull moment in our dorm”.

The courts have given Aroldo permission to take a child, Gabriel, who has been hospitalized for 6 months, to see the animals at the zoo. I have known no one with greater compassion for sick children than Aroldo.

The team distributed food to the poor and installed two stoves.


Have you ever felt swamped or overwhelmed? In Luke 4:35-41 the disciples are experiencing a storm while on the lake. The storm is so fierce that they believe they will be swamped and drown. When you read these scriptures you see how Jesus comes to us in the storms of our lives.

A natural storm can take everything you own. But so can spiritual storms such as anger, jealousy, hatred, divorce, sexual promiscuity, etc. You cannot give up while in your storm because

(2) The storms will go away. You can never give up when the storms come. There has never been a natural storm that lasts forever. The sun eventually will shine again. When our children died we eventually found the peace that only Christ can give. Jesus is not only there during the storm, He is there after the storm also.

When storms come we need to remember to trust in Jesus. Jesus is always there. If you trust in Him He will give you your life back. Storms come and go but Jesus always remains.