Jim took a third group of teens in the discipleship program to the concert.

The Virginia team did not get to Casa until 3am Sunday morning.

Today was visiting day.

Dulce is already back from the hospital following her appendectomy.

VBS has a movie for the university girls.

The children’s church team in costume


When Dottie’s father and I entered the house of the couple who had visited his church a Sunday earlier little did I realize that my life was about to change forever. My Dad’s accident had been a life changer. He was semi-crippled the rest of his life. A man who was also involved in the accident was thought to be dead but when he arrived at the morgue he was fine. He did not have a broken finger or any damage.

The newspaper said in a small article about my Dad that the other man had been “Born again”. My father-in-law was speaking to the couple and he asked them if they were saved. The husband said, “Yes, I am born again”. My thought immediately was that he had died and came back to life so I was totally immersed in his story of his life, death and resurrection. But, incredibly, the wife spoke up and said, “We are both born again. Jesus is our Lord and Savior”.

Those words penetrated my heart and I went to bed totally engrossed in what was happening in my 17 year old life. I felt this love for Dottie’s father just as I did for her not knowing that it was God because He had a plan for our lives.

What God would do the following day would forever change my life.