Anthony who is Bubba and Sandra’s son is going in for another surgery on the varicose veins in his throat and they are asking your prayers.

We need a technician on staff. Today we hired one to come and fix 3 washing machines, two stoves and a refrigerator.

Women known as comadronas are hired by Mayan women to help guide them through pregnancies due to lack of medical facilities. There are 23,320 comadronas registered by the ministry of health.

Comadronas who care for
children in Santa Maria Chiquemula

I was born into a home where my mother went to church many times a week and my father never went to church. Alcohol became a major part of our lives. It was so bad that eventually my older brother while drinking committed suicide. My younger brother would go from alcohol to drugs and would die as a result of his drug use.

Every individual has a choice as to what they will do in their lives and although I was not a born again Christian I avoided heavy liquor. I was certainly not any better than my siblings and it was only by the grace of God that I did not choose to follow after alcohol.

When I approached the middle years of my high school education I wanted to get away from home and go off to study in a university as far as I could. But my father had an accident where his back was broken. I loved him and wanted to stay nearer to my dad.

This was a great disappointment in my life but what God did with this young, unsaved teenager is awesome so stay tuned.­