The Kentucky team began separating clothes in the Christmas bodega.

The time with the parents, Jim’s preaching and the report cards distributed to the parents went well.

Our high school worship team


People are going to make mistakes and hurt your heart deeply. God does not bring us this far just to abandon us. He has a plan greater than you will ever know.

I loved my parents when I was growing up and I loved them until the ends of their lives although my mother never told me she loved me. I knew that she did love me but the words never came.

My older brother committed suicide and my younger brother would die from the effects of drug use. I did not have a relationship with Jesus and yet God reached down into a South Louisiana home and bring me to Natchitoches where I would meet a Southern Arkansas girl that loved God. Through a series of circumstances I would meet her father who manifested the love of God for me.

When Jesus came into my life the world opened up to a series of steps that would produce miracles. What I mapped out for my life was in stark contrast as to what God had in store for us.

God is not done with your life. He can take the most broken and bruised and transform it into the most beautiful.