lives with no meaning

Gretchen’s aunt passed away so I am sure she would appreciate your prayers.

We are getting some rain each day so the ash on our roofs is being cleared little-by-little.

The girls had aerobics lessons today and seem to be enjoying it more ear week.

Two teams are leaving tonight on the midnight flight to Atlanta and another team is coming in tomorrow.


Waiting for food

Solomon who was the wisest and riches man to ever live said in Ecclesiastes 1 that UNDER HEAVEN or UNDER THE SUN, life was empty, fleeting and useless. If we leave heaven out of our lives than our lives have no meaning.

In 3:11 he writes that God has place eternity into the hearts of all men. We know that this life under the sun is not all there is to life. In 3:1 he tells us that there is a purpose for everything both good and bad. He gives us 28 statements as to what life on earth is like. He contrasts them with 14 positive and 14 negative statements beginning with a time to be born and a time to die.

We have victories under the sun but we also have failures. Life is a cycle according to God. Every 8 seconds someone dies and every 3 seconds someone is born. Life is like a revolving door. The events of our lives do not happen randomly. God has a purpose and a timing for every human being. Every event on earth has a fixed time.

When you realize that there is eternity above “under the sun” you live your life not for the present nor tomorrow but in light of where you will spend eternity. Having eternity in your heart gives you a purpose for living. What we do as Christians will not die with us when we ourselves come to the end. The works we accomplished “above the heaven” will live on after us.

The same verse 11 says that not only has He placed eternity in our heart but He also has made everything beautiful in their time. This does not say that everything is beautiful. Cancer is not beautiful neither is divorce and many other things. But God can take what is ugly and allow us to live a life of gratitude and usefulness “under the sun” because we will soon be “above the sun” in the presence of the SON.

Ecclesiastes 3:12 “I know that there is no good in them but for a man to rejoice and do good with his life.”  Make the most of your life! This is what God is telling us to live for.