Josue’ took some children to court in Chimaltenango and this judge who has been so negative in the past told Josue’ we were one of the best homes if not the best. God changes hearts.

The highway department is doing work right in front of our house and we cannot tell what they are up to.

Aroldo sent me this report of dialysis patients here and gone. Sindy 1 is doing ok but her brother Juan Carlos is rebelling & drinking water. Alex is doing well following his transplant and will soon go home. Jorge had the exams for a transplant & at this time it is not possible. Wendy will visit her home this weekend with the goal of sending her home as she prefers to die at home. She will be 18 soon. Karen & Elias who have been sent home are not doing well as their kidneys are failing. Please pray for all of these children by name.

We had our monthly staff praie, preaching and prayer time tonight.

Working on the bathroom


One minute Joseph is a 17 year old boy with all of his life ahead of him and in the next minute he is a slave whose only prospect is a life of sadness. He was from a classic dysfunctional family with 3 step-mothers and 6 step-brothers all in the same house.

Joseph was the favorite child that caused jealousy among his brothers. Their reaction was to throw him in a pit to die. They then decided to sell him into slavery. He was sold to Potiphar who was amazed at his skills so he made Joseph the head of the household. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him and that failed she falsely accused him. He was thrown in prison.

Prisons come in many forms. We can be imprisoned by our circumstances or situations we cannot change. Joseph knew that God would not fail him. He stayed true to God and eventually became second in command of Egypt.

Joseph saw this opportunity as a new avenue to serve God. I wonder if I can see through the seemingly negative circumstances and realize that God is doing something awesome in my life.