A group dropped by to bring us bags of food. The were from a Jewish Temple in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

The search for more bodies has been permanently halted leaving 114 bodies found and over 200 unaccounted for. I gave my testimony to the Georgia team. A small earthquake (5.6) hit Guatemala but did little damage and thankfully no deaths.

Guatemala is going to have the first census in decades. I would imagine it is because they have no idea how many people are buried in the ash and this is for future reference.



Leviticus 10:1 “They offered unauthorized fire before the Lord, contrary to His command”.

Life is a series of choices. It isn’t what happens that is important. It is how we react to what happens.

Like many today Eli chose to act on his lusts rather than the Word of God. He took silver and gold as well as other things and thought he would not be seen or caught. He hid the items in his tent. When we are self-centered or selfish we cannot see what God is doing in our lives or around us.

Like so many people, Eli had become more concerned with the symbols of his religion rather than his relationship to God. The ark had become a relic rather than a reminder of God Himself.

Living a long life is a goal many people have. They look forward to retirement so they can relax, travel or spend more time with their children and grandchildren. But what should living a long life really mean?

Lloyd-Jones says “It does not mean that we are made righteous, but rather that God regards us as righteous and declares us to be righteous”. Justification makes no actual change in us; but is a declaration of God concerning us.  It does not result from what we do but rather something that is done for us”.