VBS is for Cometas, Vencedores and Doncellas who will have a special supper.

Painting the cabinets inside Casa de Anthony is coming along rapidly as is the outside walls.

Sebastian’s daughter got a second degree burn on her hand. She will be fine but I am certain she is in pain.


Walt’s step-father Allen painting cabinets.



Dottie began to date me seriously once I was saved. Soon we had one of the smallest weddings ever. Her father married us and her sister was the maid-of-honor. Three other people were there. But our marriage has lasted nearly 56 years.

I was still in college so Dottie held a job for a pediatrician. When I graduated we left for Bakersfield, California where I taught special education. Dottie was pregnant when we arrived in California and our first child was born in December 28, 1964 and died in November, 1965. She was severely mentally retarded and had an endocardia cushion defect.

I did not know what to do with a child who died in our home so I called a friend who was an insurance salesman and he knew what to do. His wife came and took Dottie to her home while Rusty and I contacted the coroner and went through the process until we finally made it to the funeral home and chose a casket.

We then returned to our home where we cleaned it so Dottie would not return to anything that would remind her of her baby. When Dottie and Eva came to the house a physician gave Dottie an injection and we left immediately for the trip back to Crossett.

Rusty had Michelle’s body flown to Little Rock and then taken to Crossett. We had the funeral the following day and this was when we began to see the hand of God.