I shared at the mission house of Teddy who is a pastor of Friendship Baptist in Grand Bay, Al. He brings teams often and has a great outreach.

VBS ministered to Estrellitas, Esperanza down and Buen pastor.

The Casa Anthony(dialysis) is being painted outside & inside cabinets.

Painting Casa Anthony

I felt assured that Dottie would now date me. I was now a Christian and that had been her excuse for not dating me. But when I asked her out she again said no. I was flabbergasted because now I was a born again Christian. The truth is that Dottie knew that boys sometimes go to church because of girls and girls go to church because of boys. She just wanted to know if I was serious.

Later that first week I received a Bible from Dottie’s mother. In time this family would come to accept me to the point to where I became as close to them as a son and brother could and today I count the Buckner family as the Christian home that I desired.

Dottie began inviting me to church and we attended a number of churches in Natchitoches. We were still not at the point where Dottie loved me as I loved her. But then one day she asked if I would go to Christian meeting on campus. She and I were in the back of the room awaiting the service to begin when the rear door opened and in walked three “big” boys.

These three football players were huge and all three were carrying Bibles. One of them who was later an all pro picked me up and whispered in my ear, “I heard that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior, Brother”. He was the first person to call me brother and at that moment I realized that I was in the family of God.