Walt & Randi

Walt & Rani wrote the following: “With much sadness, we feel as though our time is coming to an end as dorm parents in Guatemala. Our commitment was for a one-year period as dorm parents, but we felt as though God was still using us past January 2018. Within the last few months, we have been burdened by the lack of family time we have within our family, as well as many health issues in our families back home in North Carolina. Our hearts are super torn, as we love each of our boys and girls here in Guatemala, and we will forever hold them all in our hearts.After much thought and prayer, we have decided that our official ending date for our time at Casa Aleluya will be December 1, 2018. We love Casa Aleluya, the ministry here, and our family will continue supporting and spreading the word about the amazing things God is doing at Casa.” I am so grateful for what they did for Casa and the boys but I certainly understand  Family must come first. So in December we will need house parents for those younger boys.