Our junior and senior high schools had competition in singing and reciting poems to choose those who will compete against other schools.

As an example of why we could use a maintenance person is that the largest generator on campus that runs the water well when we lose electricity quit working.


About 1845 a female slave, Harriet Tubman decided to escape the plantation with her two brothers. Along the journey her brothers could not see the possibility of continuing to run so they returned to the plantation to serve as slaves.

Harriet, 25 years old, continued her journey until she crossed the Ohio River and freedom. She had fixed her eyes on her hope and resolved never to turn back. But she wanted more than just her freedom. She wanted to give hope to other slaves.

Endurance can be defined as “the inward strength to withstand stress and do my best.” I do not believe that endurance can operate without hope. Hope is the fuel that keeps our inner strength alive.

A military officer was asked if he was ever discouraged. His answer was “I cannot afford to get discouraged”. Few attitudes will cripple us like discouragement. It will weigh down our hearts. We all face discouragement but we have to keep our hope live if we are to endure.