The devil laughs

Randi left for the states yesterday as she needs to visit grandparents.

Genesis, our first kidney transplant, was taken to the hospital and they discovered cysts on her ovaries.

Medical Missions sent a team by to visit and play with the children


We must face failure as a learning experience. Failure us the opportunities to be broken down and then built up into all God intends for us to be.

Dottie and I were saved by the time our third child passed away. I was teaching the Word, and especially faith, in a Bible college. I thought that I had enough faith for anything. But after living nine years longer than what the physicians had told us was possible Misty passed away. Dottie and I felt like such failures. We questioned why our faith had not been stronger.

Following the funeral we drove to Houston and checked into hotel with our two sons. We put the boys in life jackets and they went into the swimming pool. We opened the curtains to out room so we could watch them. Then we each got into a bed with our Bibles and through tears sought an answer and direction from God.

I felt as though no one would ever believe my preaching again. I was determined to resign my church and return to my vocation of teaching mentally retarded children.

As we each read verses here and there in the Bible seeking comfort from God I suddenly came upon Micah 7:8 which said, “Rejoice against me O my enemy for when I fall I shall arise; when I sit in darkness, thy light shall be a light for me”.

I leapt from the bed and jumped into Dottie’s bed and said loudly “The devil is laughing at us. We need to arise from our disappointment and continue our ministry”. Satan wants Christians to believe they have failed. He laughs at those who stay down and leave the calling of God on their lives.