I just received word that Sebastian has been in a wreck. Please pray! He is ok but the other driver was taken to the hospital.

I felt better today so was able to help watch the boys from Vencedores.

The oven in the baby dorm kitchen is not working so the cooks have to walk across campus to the main kitchen.

Elias who was in the dialysis program and was sent home by the judge is going for dialysis in the hospital alone. His mother says he can do it without her. He is so sad!

There was another accident in front of our house caused by illegal u-turning.


We said that patience is needed in fast times and we used Apollo 13 as the example. Let us now look at the second instance where patience is needed.

Second, patience in slow times!

Guatemala is a country of bureaucracies and red tape. There are no less than six governments riding above us. They do not even agree amongst themselves what are the best solutions. Needless to say it gives us unbelievable pressure.

All the red tape adds dozens of additional hoops for us to jump through. When delays arise that compel us to wait for someone else, patience is taking this waiting time to pursue other fruitful tasks. When a problem interferes with our progress and sets us back, patience is accepting the problem and working with the consequences.

There are two kinds of waiting: passive waiting and active waiting. Passive waiting is more often the cloak of laziness than the mark of true patience. True patience is marked by active waiting.

Patience does not mean inactivity. Patience is working diligently on what is yet at hand while waiting calmly for what is outside of one’s control. Patience is active waiting. Exercise true patience by actively pursuing while you wait.

My own example is exercising my patience for a couple to come soon to take the ministry of the visitors. I must do what I can while I wait on God.