Genesis, age 20, has been here since she was a small child. It is she at age 10 who had the first kidney transplant. Her sister Gabby, age 19, is on dialysis. Today Genesis left Casa to live with her mother. We named the current dialysis house for her. Casa Genesis!

The mattresses for the Antoni House arrived.



Endurance is a quality with a strong grip. You will just refuse to let go. It has very little to do with physical strength. Endurance is hanging on with endurance. But endurance is not a quality that stands alone. I do not endure simply for the sake of enduring.

Endurance works in conjunction with other qualities. For instance a father who does not particularly enjoy his job will work year after year and endure the hardships of providing for his family. This is endurance and responsibility. Or a teenager will faithfully fulfill her duties whether she feels like it or not. This is endurance and obedience. Police officers and firemen perform their duties, risking their lives because of loyalty. This is endurance and loyalty.

I cannot imagine a marriage succeeding without endurance wrapped up in responsibility, obedience and loyalty.

In 1914, one of the most inspiring sagas of endurance began as Sir Ernest Shackleton and 27 crew members set out for Antartica in a ship named Endurance. Their mission was to cross the polar continent on foot.

But that goal was aborted when their ship was caught in the ice and slowly crushed. Their new mission now was simply to survive. Two years later, April 16, 1916 Shackleton and 5 men successfully completed a daring escape in a small boat and brought a rescue ship. Not one of the 28 men died.

Endurance is a quality that inspires us. In the face of incredible obstacles, endurance will persists one day at a time. Endurance can provide the impossible.

In ancient times cities were protected from enemy attack by massive walls.   Invading armies used battering rams in an attempt to break down the walls. However, the defenders would place large beams against the walls and the pounding against the wall only drove the beams deeper and actually strengthened the walls. Our courage should only endure deeper when Satan attacks.