The children are in semester exams so they are scattered all over the property studying.

Since the shooting a number of young people who grew up here and have left texted and called asking me to pray for them & their safety. Hopefully, this is a wake-up call for them.



The Lord is my shepherd Psalm 23 is the best loved single passage in the Old Testament. I am sure that millions of people have been comforted by its words. Often it is read at funerals but the deeper truth of Psalm 23 is the affirmation that God will provide for you in your lifetime.

Psalm 23, which begins with “The Lord is my shepherd”, is the most quoted of all the Psalms. It is so personal. There is no “we”, “us” or “they”. It is “my”, “me”, “I”, “He” and “you”. David personally experienced this Psalm and then put it in words for us,

It is a Psalm that both comforts and empowers me. There are six different ways that God empowers me.