Gretchen has an aunt suffering from liver and pancreatic cancer and she asks for prayer.

Today is Mother’s Day in Guatemala so Josue’ took Dottie out for steak.

Casa Shalom brought us 100 frozen chickens for which we are grateful. The teachers and staff who are mothers legally have the day off.

Georgie left today & will be back in September.


There are so many character traits that I wish I had. One that certainly weighs heavy on my mind is patience. Patience can be defined as accepting a difficult situation without giving a deadline to remove it.

The Latin root pati means “to suffer or endure”. The participle form of patu is patiens and means suffering. This form was used by the English around 1385 when the British came to address those who had afflictions as having the quality of patience. The word for them became “patients”.

Patience came to be defined as suffering with grace. Everyone will suffer at some time or another. The mark of patience is not how a person endures on a sunny day. The mark of patience is the grace with which a person endures in times of suffering.

Patience is having confidence that what you are doing is worth doing right, and cheerfully investing the time and energy necessary to do so.

We generally associate patience with those times when things are going slowly. But there is a need for patience in three times. First, there is a need of patience in fast times. Second, there is a need of patience in slow times. Third, there is a need of patience in down times.

Stay tuned!