hospitality 2

I am always asking for prayer and Monday I go to SAT(IRS) as they claim for 10 years I have been using our flatbed as a business and want me to pay taxes. So pray for me and Sebastian Monday.

The aerobics teacher spent the entire day here working with all groups.

Another of our boys who grew up and left Casa years ago was shot today. Pray for him!


Hospitality is the cheerful sharing of food, shelter or conversation to benefit others. The root word and the central focus of the word hospitality is the care Hospitality is the character quality that turns a group of people into a community.

“To have a friend, be a friend” has some truth in it. But in reality most neighborhoods are filled people who do not know one another. A congenial relationship begins and grows by hospitality: one reaching out to welcome another into his world.

I have the fondest memories of both Lafayette and Lake Charles where it seemed that we had barbecues, baptisms in the river, dinner-on-the-grounds and tennis matches every week. At least 4 of the seven days in a week were taken up by the hospitality of the memberships. We grew not only as a church but as a community.