CNA, the agency with oversight for homes with children, came for another inspection. I wish that they would help us as much as they judge us although we did not get a negative report today.They did not leave  until after 8pm as they began checking dorms at 6pm. But, in the end, they said they were pleased with what they saw.


Eventually most Christians will be faced with hardships.

I would like to share with you the truth about endurance. I lack many qualities and endurance is a characteristic that I struggle with. Endurance is best defined as the inward strength to withstand stress and do my very best.

The primary Latin root for endurance is “durare” meaning to harden; to hold out; to make last. The hardness of wood was described with this word. The English word “tree” is also derived from the word durare. Endurance comes from the two Latin words harden an ‘in”. Thus endurance is not at outer quality but rater an inner quality.

The dictionary say endurance is the capacity for bearing up under hardship.  A second definition is the state or power of lasting; a continuing existence.

Years ago a mountain climber turned pastor was illustrating what it was like to climb a shear wall of ice when a storm hits. The pastor did not hesitate as he said “You had to look for a crack in the rock when darkness is near and place your face in that crack and tighten your rope and wait out the storm’. The questioner said, “That cannot be comfortable”.

The climber answered with “It is not important if you are comfortable. The idea is to be there in the morning”. This is what God means when He tells you and I to endure.