I had a rough day with flu-like symptoms so I spent the day studying old ministers like Martin Luther, Amy Carmichael, William Carey and Whitfield, etc.


I told you yesterday that we generally associate patience with those times when things are going slowly. But there is a need for patience in three times. First, there is a need of patience in fast times. Second, there is a need of patience in slow times. Third, there is a need of patience in down times.

  1. Patience in fast times. Often it is when things are moving swiftly that we need to be patient. Patience is just as important, maybe more important, when the clock is ticking. Patience is not letting time pressures fluster your thinking: patience is giving the time needed to ensure a good decision under pressure.

Patience is taking the time that is necessary to come up with the right solution rather than grabbing any hasty hope that comes along. Do you remember Apollo 13 when it suffered an explosion on April 13, 1970? This was where we first used the term “Houston, we have a problem. Two fuel cells were destroyed and they could see fuel coming out of those cells.

Rather than making a hasty decision the team on the ground took 20 full minutes to do anything. They did not want to make a decision. They wanted to make the correct decision.

Patience is never more needed than when a fast solution is necessary.