I am not at liberty to speak about the accident involving Sebastian but I solicit your prayers for him and his family as well as the motorcyclist.

Also Dottie’s brother, Jim, is not well and has been put in the hospital in serious condition. Dottie asks for your prayers.


We have seen the need of patience in fast times and the need in slow times. Let us now look of patience in down times. The most difficult and important time for patience is when progress is neither fast or slow, but at a standstill or when we are losing ground. Patience is persevering through discouragement to finish what needs to be finished.

As a leader whatever character quality you are training those under you to demonstrate, expect more diligent application of it from yourself. You will teach far more by your example than your words.

Your walk talks, and your talk talks but your walk talks louder than your talk talks.

The most effective training you will ever give your staff or your family-in patience or any other quality-is the example of your own character. Your actions will either reinforce what you say or they will contradict an negate your words.