We were able to get the generator working so that is a load off my mind.

We sold the white van as it is old and not very safe to carry children. We would like to buy a small car for taking children to court.

We began looking today as to where we can put Christine as she will arrive in July and help us with teams. We need 6 or 7 more staff members so I ask that you pray with us for God to touch hearts.


Contentment seems to be absent in most homes, businesses, churches or any other institutions you can name. Contentment is realizing that true happiness does not depend on material conditions.

The word “content” can be pronounced two ways and has two different definitions. AAHN-tent is referring to something inside of something else such as the contents of a purse. The other pronunciation, Kun-tent, is used to refer to one’s satisfaction with present circumstances such as a contented customer.

Contentment is being happy with present “contents” rather than placing happiness out of reach by grasping for “just one more thing”. Contentment is being happy with what I’ve got, rather than focusing on what I do not have.

The dictionary defines contentment as the state, quality or fact of being satisfied. It means being comforted. It also means not desiring something more or different.

Contentment is not the absence of pleasure. Contentment fosters true happiness by recognizing true joy in what I really have, rather than overlooking that joy in the anxious pursuit of what I do not have.