contentment #2

Dottie was given a gift certificate from one of our children for Mother’s Day. It is an overnight stay at a spa where she will get a massage and manicure. That was such a sweet gift. We will go on Wednesday.

It has rained 4 days in a row so Dottie and her plants are happy.



Contentment is a matter of perspective. When I look at a glass do I see it as half-full or half-empty? Two people may experience the same situation in life, yet one is fulfilled because he is content while the other remains miserably unfulfilled.

Contentment is also related to self-control. Self-control is restraining myself from what is available but not wise. Self-control is restraining myself from what is not available. For example, if you are married, than another partner is unavailable.

Some folks look at contentment as the surrender of what might have been. On the contrary, contentment is learning to enjoy what is and developing what ought to be. Contentment is discovering the true joy of life rather than being forever unsatisfied and longing for what may never be.

Contentment is a character trait and not a status or condition in your life. One person can be rich yet filled with discontentment while his poor neighbor may be happy and content.