Very seldom in my life have I had a sermon ready and on power point just for the Lord to change it shortly before the preaching. Micah 7:8 is one of my life scriptures and says “Rejoice not against me O my enemy for when I fall I shall arise”.


As a parent there is nothing more difficult than watching your child suffer. Our first daughter, Michelle, was born severely mentally retarded and had a heart disease that would take her life at age 11 months. Dottie was with her 24 hours a day, seven days a week, everyday until she died. I can remember coming home from work to find Dottie on the floor cradling Michelle in her arms. Dottie resuscitated Michelle nine different times when she stopped breathing.

When you love someone deeply you open up yourself to pain, heartache and loss. When you care deeply for others you open up yourself to be hurt. Dottie never thought the cost of loving Michelle was too high. She dedicated those 11 months to totally love our child.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was told by the angel, Gabriel, that she was going to give birth in a miraculous way to a Son Whom would be called Emmanuel which is God with us. I wonder when did Mary begin to ache in pain over this Son she had delivered. As Jesus grew to adulthood His destiny became more clear. At age 12 He told His parents He must go about His Father’s business. The Bible tells us Mary hid these things in her heart.

As Jesus was beaten and crucified His mother stayed as near to Him as she could until the end. When the end came for Michelle Dottie released her into the loving arms of Jesus.

Over the last 3 decades we have released 34 children into the arms of Jesus. Can you imagine what a reunion is in store for us?