The courts sent an 11 year old boy at 8pm last night.

When I was growing up I lived next door to a family until I was 17 and went to college. The father died this week at 97 years of age.

I went for a checkup today as I have not been feeling very well


Yesterday we saw in Psalm 23:1 that God provides for us. This is the first way that God empowers us. 2) Verse 2 tells us that “He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters”. This tells me that God empowers me with peace. When you know that He is leading you there will be great peace. I do not have to worry.

God guides each of us personally. He wants to direct us safely to our journey’s end. His guidance is infallible and reliable. So we see that God empowers us with provision and with peace.

The third way that God empowers me is found in verse 3. “He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His names sake”. This empowerment is providence. I have guidance in my times of confusion.

Have you ever been in a large group and you cannot see your child? You call out the child’s name and he can recognize your voice above the other voices. Our ears need to be opened and listening for His voice above the roar of the crowd around us.

I have been in a place of confusion mostly because there are so many other voices drowning out God’s voice. But if you just be silent and listen for His voice He will speak.

So God provides for us; gives us peace and guides us.