Aroldo, who did a wonderful job with Sindy, reminded me today she was our first girl to come to Casa for our dialysis program 7 years ago. He is concerned the mother will not take care of her and so are we.

We would love to have a couple for the baby dorm. Kersey is doing a great job but the children need a father and a mother.

The Louisiana team had an egg hunt with the boys & will do likewise with the girls tomorrow.

Dottie just cannot get over this lingering flu-like symptoms. I made radio shows.


I have discovered that when I get out of bed in the morning and I help Dottie make the bed her work is cut in half. The Bible tells us that “Two are better than one”. It is just easier to get a job done when two are working together.

Mark 6:7 “And He called the twelve together and He sent them out two by two.”

I do not know if the Wright brothers invented the airplane together but it appears that they did. Anytime we do a task with the cooperation of a second person it lightens the load. It certainly is more fun to have someone help you.

God has created us that way. He has made us to do many things together. He tells us to pray together. He tells us to labor together. Work is always lighter when someone is helping us. So is play.

We can learn from one another when we are working or playing together. Teams that win championships are just that. Teams! No matter what the team sport is there is little success when a player feels as though he can do it alone. But when we have a supporting cast around us we will more likely find success.