true happiness

A group of Korean physicians stopped by to tell me they were available in May to check our children. It amazed them that we had a pediatrician on staff as well as a dentist one day a week.


True happiness does not depend on our material wealth or health . Contentment is being happy with what I have and not with what I do not have. Contentment is the state of mind we call satisfaction.

Self-control is part of contentment because self-control is restraining myself from what is available but not wise. Contentment is a character quality. It has nothing to with your condition in life. It is not a measure of position or possessions.

Contentment is keeping self-indulgent desires in check. It is looking at our reasonableness and responsibilities. I need to set my sights on true happiness. Focus on true wealth: family, friends, faith, time and fellowship. Contentment is enjoying these true riches. Contentment is not about sacrificing the joy in life.

I wish I had more hair. I wish that I were taller. I wish that I had more money. There is no end to the list of wishes people have. True contentment is accepting and appreciating your condition in life and not trying to be someone or something you are not.

God made you in His image and we surely should rejoice in that