Sindy 1 in dialysis went home today. She told the judge that she wanted to die at home.

Dottie is still in bed but doing much better. We have a handful of visitors here from Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

The Guatemala National Education Board announced that they are getting rid of special education classes and the students will integrate with the normal classes. This will cause so many problems for both the teachers and the students. Incredible!


When I was in college I saw different types of students in my dorm. There was always those who waited until soon before the test and then “Crammed”. That is not the best way to prepare.

The best students were those who not only studied for expected examinations but also studied for unexpected examinations. But these two types of tests are not the only tests you and I will face. There will always be tests of character. They are unexpected and show where we are in our walk with the Lord.

If we have strong character we will pass the test. If we have weak character we will surely fail. There are the tests of patience, self-control, honesty, truthfulness or courage. There is hardly a day that passes where we all are not tested.

Sometimes those who think they are strong actually fail their tests. But that is the purpose of the test. It shows us where we are in our walk with Christ. Most days bring us tests.

It is necessary for you to realize that each test that comes is there to make you stronger for the other tests that will follow. Do not think it strange when you fall into temptation and tests. God has a purpose in the tests