We had the Lord’s Supper this evening. A number of teens received Jesus.

Dottie had a rough night and needs your prayers.

The laws have become so ridiculous that there are very few ways to discipline the children and the kids know it.

An ex-president of Guatemala, Rios Mont, who was instrumental in us finding our property passed way at 91.

We need heavy prayers for interim dorm parents for Vencedores. Please!


Who are the truly great people? We really do not know because they do not boast about themselves. The story is told of the Wright brothers and which of them invented the airplane. A person trying to answer that question went to an encyclopedia to see.

Now the brothers had worked so closely together that it appeared they thought the same things at the same time. First the man wanting to know which of the two was actually the inventor looked up the name of Wilbur Wright.

There was a long paragraph praising Wilbur as the inventor of the airplane. Then he went to the encyclopedia and looked up Orville. The article was very short and gave credit to his brother, Wilbur, as the inventor.

What was interesting was that both articles were written and signed “O.W.”

Orville had praised his brother and for himself he took little credit for the invention.

Proverbs 27:2 “Let another man praise you and not your own mouth”.