praise and worship #5

Michelle, special needs, had a severe seizure and fell with her little cheap IPOD so we had to go and buy her another one. This IPOD allows her to play games or talk on the phone which is so important to her.

Sebastian and Dorcas went to a called meeting with the Department of Labor.

The water pump into our house quit working.

The girls from Esperanza were taken to MacDonald’s to celebrate birthdays.


You and I have looked at the various methods of worshipping God as found in the Word. We are to sing; lift our hands; praise Him with our words; thankfulness; dancing; playing instruments; fellowshipping with other believers; presenting our body as a living sacrifice; shouting; bowing and kneeling.

Do we have to do any of these to be saved? No, of course not! Salvation comes from faith in Christ and confession on our part. All of these methods of praise and worship are mentioned for our wisdom and edification. We should want to worship Him in as many ways as possible and these can be done in the privacy of your own prayer closet.

Psalm 95:8 says, “Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart.” I suppose if we looked at the world today the greatest sin is that of a world with a hardened heart towards Jesus. To me this means we do not want to change. We want just enough of Jesus to get into heaven but God wants so much more from us.