Two children in dialysis had to go to the hospital. Estephany was hospitalized for severe stomach pains and is being treated with antibiotics while Yusvely fell in the school and fractured her arm so she is in a cast. These dialysis children are so fragile.

Today was the last day for the school prayer week. It is so awesome to hear the teachers pray as well as the children praying together.

The dollar is up a little.


A true story is told concerning the turn of the 20thcentury and a young man who checked into an expensive hotel in New York City saying that he was the son of a wealthy and well-known man. He even signed his name as “Junior”.

He had an aura about him of wealth and well breeding. Soon he was purchasing jewelry and clothes as well as other expensive items. He just signed his name as Junior.

At he end of the month it was time to settle the bill but he had no cash in which to pay. He argued with the manager and so the police were called. The man who he said was his father came to the hotel and upon seeing him said “This is not my son”. He was arrested!

Many people say that their Heavenly Father is God but they are as guilty as the young man in this story. In order for you and I to confess that Jehovah is our Father and Jesus is our Savior we must be born again.

It is foolish to walk through this life claiming God as your Father when you have not been born again.