In our 55 years of marriage this is the first Easter Sunday service Dottie has missed as she is ill and cannot leave the bed. I missed seeing her face in the audience when I preached.

Jennifer in the baby dorm had to be taken to the hospital. They found an intestinal infection.


Mistakes do not always have to be mentioned. Years ago I spoke in New Orleans and a week or so later I received a letter from that pastor. He told me how much I had missed the Spirit of God in my sermon. He rattled me to where my self-confidence was nearly shattered. He did not have to mention that to me.

What about you knowing of the mistake of another? Should you mention it? I suppose there are times we need to mention something but if it is only to cause heartache or sadness I do not believe you have heard from God.

I do not understand why it is that we are so quick to see the faults in other people and not see our own faults and mistakes. I believe that the best thing for us as children of God is to pray when we see a fault and allow the Holy Spirit to speak with that person.

Proverbs 31:26 “In her tongue is the law of kindness”.