There was a young man killed when a truck hit his motorcycle. It was at the entrance to our home. We never know how many years we have so we need to be prepared to meet Jesus at any moment.

Evelyn, who helps on Los Cometas with Walt and Randi, had a root canal this morning. Two more children were sent home.

The Louisiana team painted the wall of the baby dorm and is painting murals.

Dottie is improving.



An angel passed over the earth one morning and met a little boy playing in a field. “Little one do you love Jesus?” he asked. The child looked up with bright eyes and said, “Yes, I am one of His little lambs”.

The angel said, “Then I have a job for you to do. Go and do it”. “Yes, I will do it after a while” said the child. “It is only morning and I want to play because I love to play”.

And the child chased butterflies and picked flowers. The angel muttered, “The day will end, the night will come and it will be too late”.

In a few years the boy had grown into a teenager. The angel visited him once again. He said, “My boy, the day is passing and night will come and you have not begun”. The boy laughed and said “There is plenty of time; the sun is shining so brightly.”

In a few years the angel again visited the earth for the LAST TIME. He was passing over a hill when he saw an old man with a cane. The angel asked, “Have you finished the task the Master gave you?”

The old man responded, “The night has come and I have not yet finished my task. The day seemed so long but now it is all gone”. (Anonymous)

I am 4 months from 75 years of age and I do not know where the years have gone. Do not put off anything that the Lord has spoken into your heart.