The Easter week is the quietest days of the year. Tens of thousands of Guatemalans go to the beaches.

Dottie made a flowerbed over at the Casa de Antoni (dialysis) and I made radio shows.

Walt & Randi set up a swimming pool for their boys as did Fernando and Anna for the girls. Some of the college boys went and helped Adam.


Did you know that there are no two blades of grass exactly the same? There are not two grains of sand that are exactly the same. A scientist studied 10,000 snowdrops and found that none of them were the same. Each was different!

God did not repeat himself in His creation. Every creature and creation is different. God has never made two people exactly alike. We are all different in our physical makeup & personality. Complete satisfaction can come only in Jesus.

The one area where we are the same is the Jesus shaped hole in us that only Christ can satisfy. We try everything to fill that hole. We change spouses or we drink, do drugs and party. We think that the spiritual need in our lives can be filled with physical items.

We may go to heaven without health, without riches, without honors, without education and without friends; but he can never go to heaven without Jesus.

When I go to the airport to fly anywhere I get there as early as I can. I do not want to take a chance of traffic or a flat tire to keep me from flying. The same is true with our spiritual lives. Serve the Lord NOW. Do not wait! Do not let the plane leave without you. Start soon enough! Today!