Although a friend was able to get the water pump working we had a technician come at 7am to clean all the connections and diagnose the problem.

Tony, one of the university boys who lives in our house, was placed on a drip due to illness that he probably got from Dottie.

The meeting with the Department of Labor went well as they could not find any errors in what we are doing. We received.

2 new children today but the courts sent 2 others home.


If I could live my life over I believe that the one characteristic that I would strive for would be gentleness. Gentleness is an outer deportment interacting with the people in my world.

Gentleness is an inner strength that requires the quality of being considerate and kind. It is not harsh, violent or severe. Gentleness is not easy. It requires the inner strength to maintain self-control.

Gentleness is the strength to control my reactions and channel my efforts to build others up, not tear them down. How do I respond when I see someone in need? Or how do I react when others irk me? What does it take for me to lose my temper?

Gentleness is showing goodwill. Gentleness is a hand extended with an arm both long and strong. It must be long enough to reach across barriers of race, religion and suspicion; and strong enough to carry generous provisions to help others in need.