Erik returned from the hospital and is doing better.Kaiser returned from the hospital also.

Josue’ left today to spend a week in Texas and a second week in Tennessee.

USAC(University) will begin an aerobics program with the girls beginning in May.



A somewhat funny story is told of a yacht race. When the gun was fired the boat in the lead was filled with hesitation and uncertainty. The helmsman kept complaining about being in the lead. His fellow sailors kept telling him how foolish he was.

Finally, after another segment of the race, he was well established in the lead. He told the sailors “I am going to slow down and let another boat pass me. They were beside themselves and began telling him how foolish it was to slow down.

Then he told them the truth, “I never expected to be in the lead so I never looked at the maps. I thought I would just follow the boat in front of me. I do not know where to go!”

We were meant to be conquerors but too many Christians are living their lives like this helmsman. They do not study the map (Bible) therefore they have no idea how to live their life for Christ.

Study to show yourself approved unto God. Do not be put to shame because you have no idea where to go.