Teens painting the clinic and psychology buildings

One of the boys raised here chose to return home when he turned 21 last year. Yesterday he was stoned to death. Some of the children here are taking it very rough.

The Rotary Club International is coming Sunday to see the mechanical cow. The man who is responsible for the technicians who are working on our kitchen equipment is from that group. There will men from Belize, Honduras and other countries.

Jim has taken over the teaching the Bible classes in our school.

Steve O and Stacey K. visited.

The teams are doing various chores for us and these teenagers are good workers. I gave my testimony to them.



The importance of sharing the gospel with others cannot beĀ over-emphasized. Jesus wants everyone to hear the good news of salvation – Mark 15-16

But what is the most effective way to reach people today? The Institute For American Church Growth asked over 10,000 people this question: “What was responsible for your coming to Christ and this church?” Their replies were:

  1. I had a special need – 3%
  2. I just walked in – 3%
  3. I liked the minister – 6%
  4. I visited there – 1%
  5. I liked the Bible classes – 5%
  6. I attended a gospel meeting – 0.5%
  7. I liked the programs – 3%
  8. A friend or relative invited me – 79%


It is obvious that we Christians need to be sharing the Gospel. Jesus touched the lives of thousands while He was alive and He did it without TV, mass-communication or the printed page. He simply talked to people about their souls. Talk is something all of us can do.