Too close to the edge

My brother-in-law, Bill, passed away this morning in Monroe, La.

We hosted a family day for non-abusive parents. Our office and school personnel worked so hard to make it a success. There were games for every age with their parents and also food. The games required the parent and child to work together so it was a relationship building activity. They loved it.

Gretchen left for the USA early this morning.


There once was a little boy who fell out of bed every night. No matter what the parents did he continued to fall out of bed. An uncle came to visit him and in the middle of the night he heard a large thump and running into the little boy’s bedroom he asked “What happened?”

The boy told him the story of no matter what he did he continued to fall out of bed. When the uncle asked him why did he think he fell out of bed every night the boy answered “I don’t know but maybe I just stay too close to where I got into bed.”

This is a great illustration of why so many Christians fall. They believe that they are saved by the blood of Jesus and they are dutiful in their responsibilities. But it seems they never get above the salvation experience. They just do not grow.

They stay so near to the world that they left howbeit only partially. They live on the edge. Barely saved with one foot in the bed and another hanging out into the world they came from.

We must grow and get away from the edge.