Today was a day where the children played and we had very little else going on.


THE FIRST TO APOLOGIZE IS THE BRAVEST. It takes strength of heart and character to apologize. Weak Christians never apologize. They never humble themselves before others. They truly believe that Love Is Never Having to Say You Are Sorry! But it takes a strong Christian to realize where he has harmed or offended others and take to bold step of apologizing.

THE FIRST TO FORGIVE IS THE STRONGER. It is amazing how many Christians carry around unforgiveness in their hearts. They just refuse to let go. They are so weak that they would rather be miserable rather than forgive. Strength is not about muscles. It is about obedience to the command of Jesus. When you vary unforgiveness it weighs you down.

THE FIRST TO FORGET IS THE HAPPIEST. The devil loves to replay our past to us. God does not just forgive us He forgets the offense and sin. If we are to imitate Christ we have to forgive and forget. God is powerful enough to restore you and the person who sinned against you. True joy will never come until you forget.