Take my hand

Katerine Marisol was hospitalized last night with symptoms of appendicitis. They kept her and operated this morning.

One of the teams is from First Baptist in Crossett, Ark. The Pastor Jamie is with them. This is the church Dottie’s father pastored sixty years ago.Great memories!

Graduation and the quinceaneras will be November 23rd this year.

I gave my testimony to the teams.


Shields has so many devotional stories for children that I just enjoy reading her work. She speaks of pleasing God by trusting Him. If you were raised with younger siblings you probably know something about the feeling that comes when a younger child puts their hand in your hand. Maybe he is frightened or simply tired.

“Take my hand please” is a phrase all of we Christians should be familiar with as we have all been tired or frightened. We need Him to lead us as we have no idea how to get where we are going.

Think about the love in the heart of God when we allow Him to take us by the hand and lead us. Trusting God is one of the deepest expressions of our love for Him. When we want Him to guide us I wonder how that makes Him feel as our Heavenly Father!

Have you ever prayed “Father I am frightened. I do not know what to do. Led me in the way I should go.” We know the feeling of safety and peace in His presence as He walks us through the valleys.

Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to thine own understanding”.