Rotary International came with 20 people to see the mechanical cow. Jeny & Gaby did an excellent job of presenting the program. The local mayor came also.

Another Tennessee team arrived as well as a Maryland group.

One of our boys who was adopted to the states has taken his oath to join the US navy.

A group from Medical Missions came for a tour. It was a busy Sunday.


The story is told of a kindergarten teacher who said that the reason she has her class plant been seeds in a jar is so that they can see the roots grow. When beans are planted in the ground there is a root system no one can see and nothing appears to be happening on the surface.

The teacher said that before she used glass jars the children would get so impatient and unwilling to wait to see the beans sprout. They would plant the beans in the school flowerbed but soon the children lost interest.

But now they feel better satisfied. They take the teachers words as true because they can see the roots growing. It is hard for little children to wait patiently for anything.

It is even hard for adults to wait on some things. We want results too quickly and when they do not come when we think they should we feel as though something needs to be done immediately.

I Thessalonians 5:14 says, “Be patient towards all men”. We need to allow God to do His UNSEEN work in us as well as others. It will come if we are patient.