Kaiser & Cindy in dialysis are both ill and need your prayers.

Pastor Jamie shared with the teenage girls.

One team had Bible study & games with the boys while the other team did the same with the girls.


My wife, Dottie, has so many beautiful plants. The majority of them are rugged and can withstand hundreds of children. But there are a couple of plants that are very sensitive to the touch. They withdraw within themselves when bothered,

Sometimes we meet people who are like a sensitive plant. Their feelings are easily hurt. We make what we believe to be a normal comment but the sensitive person just shuts down. They go into a defensive mode and withdraw.

We need to be sensitive in the correct way. The right way will not make us close up and reject those around us. In fact when we are sensitive in the right way we enjoy life more. We open up to the beauty of God’s world and our place in that world.

Being sensitive in the correct way opens us up to being sensitive to the needs of others. “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus”. (Philippians 2:5)


We should be so busy working for Christ that we do not have time for getting our feelings hurt. Be sensitive in the correct way!