It appears we will have a few weeks with few visitors. The children love the visitors.

If you want to know if your sponsor child is a quinceanera just email me. Graduation is Nov. 23.


A mechanic in Mangum, Ok, answered a distress call from a woman motorist whose car had stalled. He examined the car and told the woman that the car was out of gas. She asked him “Will it hurt my car to drive it without gas?”

It would be cheap to drive cars without gas but all of us know that is impossible. Automobiles need gas to function. Maybe you could coast down a hill but soon the time would come where your car will come to a stop. It just will not work.

The Christian life is just like that car. If you try to live the Christian life without the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God it just will not work. You can coast for a while but eventually you will come to a halt.

God gives us the power to keep on a going! It is His Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Without them you will fall short of all that God wants you to have as His child.