Cindy’s catheter quit working so please pray.

Susan made strawberry rolls for Vencedores, Buen Pastor & university boys.

My radio shows for mid-August and early September is my testimony. I decided to do it because so many have asked that I write a book but I am not an author.

A team from Mississippi dropped by for a couple of hours to see Casa.


It does not take much Christianity to love the ones who love us—does it? Jesus knew this and He said in Luke 6:32-33:

“If you love them which love you, what thank have you? For sinners also love those who love them.”

“And if you do good to them which do good to you, what thank have you? For sinners also do the same”.

We need to do a very difficult thing everyday. This difficult thing is to be kind and do a kindness to someone who is not attractive to you. Jesus did that Himself. If there is someone you do not like do a kindness to them.

It is strange what will happen when you do this. In some unaccountable way, we begin to see unattractive people in a different light when we give special thought to making their lives happier.

We can actually learn to like people by doing kind deeds towards them.