Huge hearts! There was a baby born who is brain damaged & has other medical problems. The teenage girls in Doncillas took up an offering from their own sponsor money & blessed the family. Wonderful!

A team from Colliersville, Tn. Arrived.

There was a movie for the youngest children.


One of the things that makes this world so different is that we are all different. We do not all look alike and we do not all act alike. We all have different gifts and talents.

Think of some of the people you know. You have friends that love working with tools and they make things and repair things. You have others that are good in mathematics and there are still others who do not do well in school but can cook a 5 course meal from scratch.

God has made people with different gifts but we often forget that. It is fine to try to do well in as many things that you can. But you and I should try to find our peculiar gift or talent. It gives us a feeling of self-respect. It gives us a sense of security to know that we can do something well.

Timothy was a young minister when he went on a missionary trip with Paul. He wrote, “Stir up the gift of God, which is in thee”. (II Timothy 1:6)

That is great advice for all of us. We need to stir or mix things up in our lives until we find His calling for us. Try different things! See which one is His will for your life.