Victor Hugo passed out while driving and totaled his car. He is okay but will need to buy another car to get to work.

The children had a “family” picnic on the soccer field.

There was a parade in which 66 of our students participated in San Bartolome’

. Alex had a seizure and Aroldo took him to the hospital. He needs serious prayer.

24th: Alex has been going through lab tests today. It ws deemed to be low sodium levels.

Jim and Gladys took the girls in their discipleship group to Fraternidad, a large church in the city, to see the Path of Suffering presentation concerning Jesus’s last hours.

The school had an end-of-the-semester program that the children enjoyed.

We had a Guatemalan pastor share the Word. Over 20 children gave their lives to Christ.

The semester report cards were given also. Some did not enjoy that part of the program.


When I was in high school someone climbed to the roof of our 3 leveled school and tore open a pillow filled with feathers. They traveled for blocks. It was a demonstration of how you could never find them all and put them back in the pillow case.

Words are like that! Take it from an expert. Once words are spoken you can never gather them all and put them back in your mouth. They have been spread never to return.

There have been instances where I saw an angry person yell at another person saying “Take that back!” It can never happen. Words are live and once born they are impossible to retrieve. In fact I can be sorry that I spoke them but they are given life and I cannot undo them.

I can regret what I said but they are in the atmosphere and sadly they are in the mind of the person I offended. I have used so many words that I wanted to take back.

Psalm 25:11 “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a network of silver”. Our words are valuable and are too costly to waste. Be careful to think before you speak.