Today three university graduate students began a six month internship at Casa. That is always a blessing.

The teams began painting our house and Doncillas.

The dollar is up a little.

I was wrong when I said we would be returning to Guatemala on October 7th. It is October 11th.

The women took Angie to dinner for her birthday. I gave my testimony to the teams.


We can easily see many of the faults in other people but it is not as easy to see our own faults. If we could see ourselves as others see us, how different we would seem to ourselves.

King David knew this and must have been thinking it when he wrote in Psalm 19:12, “Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults.”

King David knew that some of his faults were a secret, even to himself, and it was about those faults that he prayed.

You and I probably have three types of faults. First there are the faults that we know. Second, there are faults that we do not know we have but which are recognized by friends and family. Third, there are the faults that we do not know but are recognized by God alone.