Debbie who runs the office in Lake Charles has a new email.

I made radio shows and my mouth hurt so badly that I went to the dentist. My bite had broken the crown on my teeth so he removed it. I go back Friday.


Jealousy and envy go hand in hand as they creep into people’s hearts and wreck their happiness. When either one of them gets the best of us, it makes us truly miserable. Instead of being glad someone is blessed there sometimes comes the temptation to be envious.

It is not easy to admit, even to ourselves, the feeling of jealousy and it is even more difficult to admit that we are envious. The temptation is to put the blame for our feelings on others.

If John is jealous of his best friend William and resents his relationship with Mary it will help if John would look for the good in Mary and try to like her.

If Luis is envious of Celia it would help if he would look for the good things in her character. Only the Holy Spirit can put enough love into our hearts to make us do the two things I suggested. There is some good in everyone and we need to seek the good in others.

With all the children we have jealousy is a real problem.