Sebastian interviewed 4 prospective social workers and will interview more after the Easter holidays.

Gretchen fixed a great breakfast for us. She leaves for the USA tomorrow.


A little girl watched her mother bake a cake. She took the layers out of the oven and began to put the icing where it belonged. Soon the three level cake was just beautiful. The mother wrote the “Happy Birthday” on the top.

The little girl was staring wide-eyed and said “Mom, if you would cut a piece out of the cake it would be as beautiful as the pictures of cakes in the magazines”.

The Christian life is like that cake. If we would take a piece out of our lives and give it to others we would be as beautiful as those in the Bible who gave themselves away to others.

In the age in which we live we seem to not have much time to pour our lives into others. But you will never have all of what God wants for you until you learn to give yourself away. You cannot out give the Lord. The more you give of yourself the more God will give unto you.

That slice of your life that was cut out and given to others will constantly be filling itself with the blessings of God in order that you can keep on giving yourself away.