Well, Dottie jumped right back in with her garden. It is her passion. I worked on lessons for the children.

Sue called to tell us that she and Larry had sold their house in Wadesboro, NC. They are such a blessing to Casa and we are so pleased for them.

At 5pm the kids broke a valve bringing water into our sink. Thank God Adam was here and could fix it.

You and I are writing a history of our own lives. We are doing that every second, minute, hour, day, week, month and year. At the end of each year we close a chapter of our book and when we die we will close the book.

This book will be opened at the judgment as recorded in Revelation 20:11-15. I know that you and I need to make each chapter of our lives the very best possible.

Our souls are eternal and yet most people never seem to be concerned for their souls or the souls of their children. They live as though they have no reason to be concerned. But the soul is the only part of us that is eternal.

There is a judgment coming and although our destiny is determined before we die(saved or unsaved) this judgment will determine the works you and I have done for Christ. Laying our good works down at His feet will be the greatest single act of our eternal lives. To not have anything to give Jesus would be a shame.

Life is so short and we never know when the end will come. Do not waste your opportunity to write a great book of your life.book