Quique was robbed of his telephone while on a bus taking him to college. This is the third student robbed in three weeks.

The large Fellowship team (Arkansas) leaves tonight about midnight.

We have some very real needs. Vencedores,10 to 12 year old boys, needs interim house parents until December when the permanent house parents arrive. In August we also will need someone to help with teams from scheduling; buying the food and preparing the dorms when a team leaves so the next group will be accommodated. Pray for these needs.


Job 38:36 “Who has given understanding to the heart?” I Kings 3:9 “Give therefore thy servant an understanding heart”.

It is always a good thing to have an understanding head. To be able to read and learn is a great blessing. Being able to travel and learn about the world is another blessing from an understanding head.

But an understanding heart is what we need most. The understanding heart knows the mind of Christ and the plans that the Heavenly Father has for us. It is the understanding heart that feels the presence of God. An understanding heart will know how other people feel and be able to minister to them.

Of course we do not have to choose between and understanding head and an understanding heart. We can have both! I want to have a good mind but more than that I want to understand with my heart who the Father is and what plans He has for my life.

Turner said “Everyone one has one”. What was he referring to? ATTITUDE! Our attitude is always apparent to those who know us. It does not matter if it is sad or happy, positive or negative. It shows!

Your attitude can help you or hinder you. It can make or break you. It can make you friends or make you enemies. It can make you uptight or put you at ease.

Your attitude can make you miserable or happy. It can make you a failure or a success. Attitude can help you get well or help you get worse.

A better world doe not exist because of what you have around you. A better world for you depends on the internal. We tend to think externally! The more I have the better it is! This is not true.

Things are the way they are externally because of the way they are internally.

Philippians 4:11 “I have learned in whatsoever state I am, I am content”. My life is an expression of my attitudes.